This video and article cover how to add your customers into the AMP program for your sales team to be able to select and begin writing orders. We also cover assigning pricing, and granting access to the dealers to shop directly.

Customers can be uploaded to the AMP customer table to assign them to sales reps or to grant them direct access to AMP Shop. If you already have a customer table uploaded to AMP, you can update it. The customer table needs to be in CSV format to be uploaded to AMP. 

To upload a customer file to AMP:

1) Compile your customer list data in an Excel spreadsheet or export a customer list from your backend system

2) Remove any empty rows or columns and save as a CSV file

3) Navigate to the Users/Locations tab and click on Customers

4) Click Choose File, select the file you with to upload from your computer's file system, and click Open

Choose File

5) Click Upload Updated File

Updated File

6) Review the data being uploaded and tag the columns

7) Click Accept the upload 

Pro Tip: You will need a column in your customer table tagged as Customer ID. Every customer needs something in this column and every entry needs to be unique in this column. This is the unique identifier for the customer table.