This article will go in depth on how to set up exclusive warehouse tags. Please first read the article on how to set up Exclusive Price Lists before this step. 

If you have multiple warehouse in AMP and you would only like specific inventory showing for your customers then you'll want to set up warehouse tags in AMP. For example: You have West coast customers that you only would like to show California warehouse inventory and East coast customers that you'd only like to show North Carolina inventory. 


Things you need to set up first:

1. Inventory per warehouse is loaded in your AMP product table. 

2. Exclusive price lists are loaded in your AMP product table. 

3. Allowed price lists are loaded in your AMP customer table. 


Once this is set up, you can follow these steps:


1. Select update columns from your product table. 

2. Below each inventory column, create a "warehouse tag" that that inventory is being pulled from. For example: "CA warehouse"

3. Next while you are still in update column page: you'll put the matching "warehouse tag" under the matching exclusive price list.

4. Accept the upload for the product table. This will save the warehouse flags you have set in place. 


Check your work. Go to AMP Sell or AMP Shop and select a customer that should only be showing a specific warehouse's inventory. When you select a product you should now only see the inventory specific to that customer's "warehouse tag."


If you have any questions, you can always send an email to for assistance!