Utilizing three columns for your photos can make it easier to determine the page photo when you have multiple SKUs on one page, as well as allow you to determine the image that appears on the order for each SKU!

To get started, you'll need to add three new columns to your product table. (Remember that you'll need to do this on the back end if you have an API.) It will make your life easier to name them Page Photo, Solo Photo, and Other or Supporting Photos:

Return to the Product Table, and click Update Columns:

Re-tag your columns as shown below, and click Accept Upload:

Click Update Columns once again, and scroll over to your three photo columns. There will now be a field that says "Photoset Name." You must put the exact same name in all three fields. In the example I've called them "HF Photoset."

Click Accept Upload once more! Next, head to Manage Catalog, then click on Slideshows/Catalogs on the left, and finally click Edit on your Master Slideshow (which should be named The Full Catalog):

On the Photos drop-down, select the name of the Photoset Name that you entered:

This will change your catalog from looking at the single-column photoset to looking at the three-column photoset! Make sure you either use the Photo Matching Tool or Edit Table to correctly assign all the images to their correct SKU and image column. You can put a maximum of one image in the Page Photo column, and this will determine what image is shown on the page in your catalog. The Solo Photo column can also host a maximum of one image, and this will be the image shown for that SKU on the order form:

You may put as many supporting images as you like in the Other Photo column, separated by commas!