To Get Started:

1. Have all of your photos uploaded into AMP

2. Be sure you have all of your SKUs assigned to pages with Page ID

Photo Matching Steps:

Navigate to Manage Catalog, then Slideshows/Catalogs, and then click on Match Photos next to your Full Catalog.

Photo Matching

You can also get there by clicking Manage Catalog, and then Photos:

It's important to note that if you have more than one master slideshow (rare), you will need to select what slideshow you are matching photos for from the Slideshows dropdown menu:

You can search by either the Page ID (in other words, the name of the page in your catalog) or by the SKU. To update the hero shot/Page photo, select the Page ID you wish to update, and drag an image from the lower section containing your images into the upper box titled PAGE.



To update images for specific SKUs, either search for the SKU, or click on the Page to expand it, and then click on the SKU in question. You'll see the Page photo remain the same for all SKUs on that Page, but now you can add solo and supporting images for each SKU by dragging them up from the image selection pane into the SOLO and OTHERS sections. You will need to place the OTHERS images in the order you wish them to appear as they cannot be reordered once placed in that section. The SOLO image will appear last.

Finally, verify your work on AMP Sell or Shop!

In some cases when SKUs appear on multiple pages, they can overrule your Page image, causing multiple Pages to display the same hero shot. If this occurs in your catalog please email us at and we can deploy different logic algorithms for you to correct the issue!