In this video & article we cover how to upload photos into AMP as well as ideal photo file naming.

In order to display photos in the AMP product catalog, the photos need to be uploaded to AMP. Once photos are uploaded to AMP, they can be assigned to products to be used in the catalog.

To upload photos to AMP

  1. Navigate to the Photos section of the AMP CMS
  2. Click the Upload More Photos button
  3. Click the Upload Photos button
  4. Select the photo files you'd like to upload from your computer and click Open

If the photo does not upload correctly, you may see an error code such as this: 

If you get the notification that your file is potentially corrupted such as above, try opening your image in a standard desktop photo image editor, and re-saving it as a JPG file. This often resolves the issue immediately.

Pro tip: Hold SHIFT while selecting files to select multiple files at a time. jpg, png, tiff, gif, and bmp files can be uploaded as photos to AMP.