Invite your CSRs/Territory Managers to work in AMP and allow them to easily manage orders, sales reps, and customers.

AMP has added a new user type to our system to make your life easier! Invite your CSRs and Territory Managers into AMP and allow them to manage and edit orders for your whole company, or just a selected territory/group of reps.

To add CSRs to your roster, first navigate to the CSR section in the Users/Locations tab:

Navigate to CSRs

You can upload your own CSR table, or create one with our default settings by clicking Create an empty sample CSR table:

Create New Sample CSR Table

If you create an empty sample CSR table, click on Add a CSR to create your first user:

Sample CSR Table

This will bring up a new page with all the columns from the existing table as fields for you to fill in:

The territory code should be the same as that of the customers or reps that you wish this CSR to have visibility of. You can separate multiple codes with commas to give them access to multiple reps/territories. By clicking on Edit Table in the previous screen, you can also edit existing CSRs' information:

Edit CSRs

Finally, if your CSRs have never used AMP before, you can click on Send Invitations to Unregistered CSRs in either the Users/Locations tab next to CSRs, or in the CSR main screen.

There are three column tags it's critical to have in your CSR table - Email (primary), Rep's name, and Rep's Phone Number. When you have the correct tags, and these columns are filled out with the correct information, it will show your buyers their assigned CSR on their Shop landing page so they will know who to contact regarding their order:

Rep Contact Info

CSRs will be able to view data within your database, but will only be able to edit orders, and their orders view will default to only their assigned territory/rep codes. They are always welcome to reach out to with any questions about using AMP!