If you have a buyer with multiple shipping locations, you can easily create a drop-down menu for your rep or buyer to choose from in Shop and Sell.

1. Go to the Users/Locations tab in CMS, and click on Customers.

2. When you are in the Customer Table, click Update Columns.

3. Change your Customer Name column tag to Parent Company Name. Accept the Upload.Change Column Tag

4. If you already have multiple entries for your buyers' locations, ensure that the entry in the Parent Company Name column is identical for each of them. (They can be distinguished in the Customer ID column). If not, add a row for each one, giving it a different Customer ID, but the same Parent Company Name. Save your work when you're done.Add Multiple Buyers

5. Test your work in Shop or Sell. In Shop, click Customer, and then Change Customer. When you scroll to your customer with multiple shipping locations, their company name will be in bold with a drop-down caret and no Select button:Select Buyer

6. When you click on either the company name or the caret, a drop-down menu of all the locations will appear, and you may select whichever option you like:Select Shipping Address

7. Proceed as normal! It works much the same in AMP Sell (the app version); the only difference being that it will appear dark blue there instead of just bold.