AMPSKUs are SKUs that are made up of component SKUs. A sales rep or buyer adds one SKU to the cart, and on the order form the components that make up that one SKU are listed out as separate SKUs.

Some common uses of AMPSKUs include:

- Upholstery kits made up of sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman

- Sectional groups made up of LAF, RAF, armless, consoles, corner

- Bedroom sets made up of bed, dresser, nightstand, chest, mirror

- Beds made up of headboard, footboard, rails and slats

- Dining sets made up of table and chairs

- Tables made up of base and top

To build AMPSKUs in AMP

  1. Navigate to the Manage Catalog tab of the AMP CMS, then select Products/SKUs on the left
  2. Select the product table file you wish to add AMPSKUs to
  3. Add a column and tag it as AMPSKU Composition
  4. Add a new SKU, which is a set or kit
  5. In the AMPSKU Composition column for that new SKU, list the component SKUs that make it up separated by commasAMPSKU

By default an AMPSKU will calculate prices, cubes, item name, and inventory based on the data of its components. To override the calculated values, fill out any of those columns for an AMPSKU.

Pro Tip: A ":" can be used to notate quantity in the AMPSKU Composition column. For instance, if the SKU for a chair is 2233CHA and there are four chairs in a dining set, the four chairs could be notated with 2233CHA:4.

Component SKUs listed in the AMPSKU Composition column must match exactly SKUs already listed in the product table or else an error will occur.