When Sales Reps enter new customers manually in their iPads, it creates a local customer that can only be seen and selected by the rep who created it.

To enable admins to add these manually entered customers to the main customer database, we have created the Pending Customers feature. 

First, click on the Users/Locations tab in the CMS, and then click on Pending Customers on the left-hand side:Pending Customers

You will see at list of all the manually-created customers, sorted by newest on top. From here, all you need to do is click Export CSV, clean up the data (if needed), and merge into your back-end system or Customer Table. Once you have done so, encourage your reps to delete the manually-entered versions of these customers from their iPad - they can visit our guide to Adding/Deleting New Customers should they need assistance with this process.

As your reps continue to manually add customers, they will appear on this list, so repeat this process as often as necessary to keep your back-end system and Customer Table up to date!