Please first visit the article on how to create exclusive price lists in AMP before starting, as you will need exclusive price lists for exclusive products. 

Now you can set up products that are only visible to specific customers. For example if you only have certain product available for customers on the west cost vs. on the east coast or you have products that are only available for specific large customers.

Products that are exclusive to one customer or a small group of customers can be added to AMP. The products won't be seen by other customers. This feature is commonly used with big retailers that don't want the products they buy to be sold by other stores.


To add exclusive products in AMP:

  1. Create Exclusive Pricelists so that the customers that have exclusive products have their own exclusive pricelists
  2. If you don't already have it, add a Product Type/Visibility column to your product table.
  3. Put the value "Exclusive" in the Product Type/Visibility column for any product that is exclusive to a customer.
  4. Ensure that prices are only filled in for the customer's price list that should see the product. All other price lists should be blank. If marked as "Exclusive" the product will only show up in the catalog for customers that are allowed to see the price.