What is a Page ID?

Like a paper catalog, your product catalog is made up of pages. Page ID is AMP's way to group your SKUs together onto these pages. 

The Page ID column can use any combination of letters and numbers. Any two or more SKUs that share the exact Page ID, will be located on the same page. You can also have one SKU on multiple pages by listing multiple Page IDs separated by commas. 

Below we will take you through a step by step instruction on how to assign your SKUs to pages using the Page ID. 


To Get Started:

  1. Have your product table loaded with the SKUs you would like to group
  2. Add a column (if it is not already there) for Page ID
  3. Decide on a grouping convention if you do not already have one


Page ID Steps:

Tag your column with Page ID

Fill out the column with your decided IDs

Verify your work on AMP Sell or Shop

Example of assigning multiple IDs