AMP Press is an excellent tool to help prepare for Markets or any time with templates for pricelists, specsheets, and QR codes. All of these templates are actively updated with product information you add into AMP so you never have to worry about them being out of date.

Video Walkthrough

Vidyard Recording

To create an AMP Press template

Navigate to AMP Products and then AMP Press

Start by selecting "Create New +"

This will open a display of various print templates to pick from. Once you find your desired template, click on the template image to select.  Then use the slideshow drop down below to select the range of skus you wish to print with. (If you need help creating a slideshow here is our Help Article on Slideshows)

Once ready, select the "Save & Configure" option. This will immediately take you to the configuration screen for this press template. Here you can decide what columns of product information you would like to use on your print material as well as other design choices such as fonts and positioning. If you wish to see the preview window update, first select the red save button just above the settings window. 

When you are ready to print, find the Download PDF buttons located just to the right of the Save Changes button as well as above the PDF preview window.  Also take note, that you can change permissions to see this publication to more user types if you wish your reps and buyers to be able to download their own copy as well. 

All saved publications will be kept on the AMP Press home screen for you to easily find or duplicate for a new interation on your print materials.