Buyer Acknowledgement presents a new order review screen as well as order email for your customers to sign off on orders placed on AMP. This also creates a new step in the CMS when reviewing orders before they are closed.

Once a user selects Place Order on the cart screen, they will be taken to a confirmation screen which will highlight the ability to confirm an order at the top of the page. This is optional for the user who placed the order, as a copy of the order will also be emailed to related parties which will also underline that an order is awaiting acknowledgement.

Key Notes

  • To enable this workflow stage, please contact your AMP Support team to turn it on for all future orders.
  • All orders written either on AMP Shop or AMP Sell after this workflow stage is enabled will require that the order be acknowledged.
  • Orders written via AMP Shop will now have a new email format that highlights that the order is awaiting acknowledgement, this email format will also be in the next version of AMP Sell in the App Store.
  • In order to acknowledge an order, the user must enter all contact information displayed
  • All users who have access to the order, Customer, Rep, and Admin have permissions to acknowledge the order and their email address will be logged in the workflow history.

Order Review Screen

Email Notification and Copy Body Header

AMP Order Workflow enabled

The buyer acknowledgement stage creates one more step in your order workflow as an order is approved and processed in AMP.