Ensuring you only place orders for products that are in-stock is more important than ever! If your manufacturer has enabled a Stock Level filter, you can easily find only the products you are looking for.

First, open up AMP Shop, and click on the Product Catalog tab at the top. Look on the left hand side for a drop-down menu titled "ALL "Stock Level" -

If you don't see this drop-down menu, ask your manufacturer about enabling it today! If you do, click on it, and you will see up to three options:

Selecting "In Stock" will bring up all the pages in the catalog containing items marked by the manufacturer as currently being in stock - in other words, having a positive number in inventory. Ensure you check the inventory for each SKU on the page carefully, as some SKUs on that page may not have current inventory available:

For example, here, there are two dining tables available to order, but no chairs.

If you select "Out of Stock," you will see all pages containing items with a zero inventory listed by the manufacturer. Finally, selecting "Please Ask" will provide you with a list of SKUs that have no listed inventory, or that may be in transit or available to order soon. Please contact your manufacturer directly about these items prior to ordering. 

Your manufacturer may also have added Stock Level as a line item for individual SKUs, in which case you will also see it there:

If you have any questions about using the in-stock filter, you can always contact support@amptab.com as well!