AMP has powerful logic to help organize and display your data, but if you have a custom column that you need to highlight, you can use our column pinning functions to do so.

In CMS, start by clicking on the AMP Products tab:

For AMP Shop, click AMP Shop on the left-hand side, and then click the first option in the window titled Column Display:

Select the columns you wish to feature, name your file at the top (in the example we've just named it "Shop," and click Save.

Check your work in Shop - here, you can see that SKU, Name, Cubes, and Inventory are now the first columns visualized, in the order selected in the Front Columns category:

Now, click on AMP Sell. Your column options as well as your corner ribbons are all in the same area, so you can simply pick the columns you wish to feature prominently for your reps, name the file, and click save:

Check your work in the app, and you're all set!