If you cannot log in to AMP on either the AMP Sell App and/or the CMS you can reset your password.

To reset your password:

1) Click on this link  https://cms.amptab.com/Home/RequestPasswordReset?src=cms-front-page and enter your email address

2) Check your email inbox for a temporary password.

3) Uncheck the box that says "Remember Me" or "Save Password." Type in the new password rather than copying and pasting it, as sometimes copy-paste can introduce an extraneous space which will make the password fail. Log in using the temporary password.

4) Upon logging in click Change Password in upper right corner (on CMS) or tap Change Password button (on iPad) and set new password

Here is where the Change Password button is in the web version:

Here is where the button is located in AMP Sell (the app version):


Last updated 1-26-2022