Active Table- Current Product Table impacting what reps and customers see.

AMP Dashboard- Profile page with list of manufacturers.

AMP Sell- iPad app that can be used to sell products using AMP. 

Authorized Users section- List of users allowed to access a database organized by their status (Admin, CSR Rep, or Buyer).

Change Profile Page- Area where Company information can be updated and setting changed. 

Column Tags-  Options provided by AMP which tell the system how to use data in that column. These appear as the second row on Tables. 

Column Names/Headers- Names provided by a user which help identify what data is in a column. 

Company Profile section- Area of the Company Tab with basic information about a Company. 

Company Tab- Tab for Company information including Authorized Users section. 

Content Management System (CMS)- The AMP website where an Admin can make changes to a database.

Customer Table- Table filled with information regarding buyers and their assigned reps and price lists.

Database- The home in the CMS for a single company's information including Customer, Rep, and Product Tables

Manage Documents Tab- Tab for adding documents and files which are accessible to reps and buyers.  

Navigation Bar- Area across the top of the CMS where Tabs can be clicked to manage different aspects of the Product Table. 

Options Tab- Tab for setting up different configurations of products in a configurable database.

Photo Matching Tool- Visual aid to help match photos to collections and products. 

Photos Tab- Tab for adding photos to the database. Also contains the photo matching tool.

Product Table- Table filled with information regarding products and product details.

Products- Individual items within a catalog. Sometimes referred to as SKUs

Products/SKUs Tab- Tab for management of the Product Table.

Reps Tab- Tab for entering sales rep information and connecting reps to customers.

Rep Table- Table filled with information regarding reps and their assigned territories.

Slideshows/Catalogs Tab- Tab for creating slideshows involving different sub-sections of the whole Product Table. Often used to create walkthroughs for furniture markets. Also contains the photo matching tool.

Tab- Areas within the CMS meant for managing different aspects of the AMP database. 

Table editing bar- Shaded grey box with buttons at the top of tabs which have tables (Products, Options, Manage Reps, and Manage Customers). This bar has options for updating and changing data in tables.

Table Review Page- Page where pending changes to a table are viewed. This page is where columns are tagged and changes are tracked between uploads. 

Users/Locations Tab- Tab for entering customer information and connecting customers to reps.

Workflow- A process used by an admin or CSR to manage orders by requiring admin/CSR input or approval before an order is cleared as "genuine."