AMP Press is an excellent tool to help prepare for Markets or anytime with templates for pricelists, specsheets, and QR codes. All of these templates are actively updated with product information you add into AMP so you never have to worry about them being out of date.

To create an AMP Press template

Navigate to AMP Products and then AMP PressSelect AMP Press

1) Choose the products you want in your AMP Press template by selecting a slideshow or your Full Catalog. (If you need help creating a slideshow here is our Help Article on Slideshows

2) Select the Template you want to useSelect Specsheet and Layout

3) Customize your AMP Press template with the options available. Each template will have a different set of options you can customize

4) Click Quick Preview to see the changes made in Step 3. This will update the template preview on the right side of the page

5) If satisfied with the changes add a file name and click Save As to save your template for future use. 

6) Download your template to print out as a pricelist, or to print on Avery stickers for QR codes. QR Codes