Order history can be uploaded to the AMP order table to provide full order history to your reps and buyers. If you already have an order table uploaded to AMP, you can update it. The order table needs to be in CSV format to be uploaded to AMP. 


To upload order history to AMP

1) Compile your order data in an Excel spreadsheet or export order history from your backend system

2) Match our order upload format and save as a CSV file

3) Navigate to the Sales Activity tab and click Go To: Old Sales & Orders

Old Sales And Orders

4) Click Orders imported from your backend system and click Import Orders from CSV

Orders Imported From Backend SystemOrders from CSV

5) Click Choose File, select the file you wish to upload from your computer's file system, and click Open

6) Click Upload

7) Review the data being uploaded and tag the columns

8) Click Accept the upload 

Pro Tip: 'Order Id' and 'UTC date' are required tags in this upload. To avoid errors, make sure to tag header columns with Header tags and line item columns with LI tags.