If you're having troubles uploading a table to AMP, you'll receive a red error message with a description as to what went wrong with the upload. Check that description first. For example, in this case, the columns have not been tagged correctly and there's no column tagged "SKU":

 If you're still having issues, take a look through the checklist below:

  1. Ensure the file you're attempting to upload is saved in CSV format. File > Save As > change format to .csv.
  2. Ensure there are no empty rows or columns. Delete rows and columns from bottom and end of spreadsheet if needed.
  3. Ensure each of your rows has a value in the column you've tagged as SKU/Product Id. Each value will also need to be unique.
  4. If you're updating an existing table, ensure that the column header you've tagged as SKU/Product Id matches the column header in your upload.