How does emailing with AMP work?

AMP takes advantage of the built in emailing software available on your iPad with the Apple Mail App. There are a few steps to take when setting up the Mail up so that AMP can communicate between the two programs.

There may be times when Presentations or Orders appear to not be sending, in nearly all cases this is due to that line of communication being interrupted or broken. This guide will cover how to set up Apples Mail app as well as how to troubleshoot the app when not cooperating.  

To Get Started:

  1. Know your email password for the email you use for your AMP login


Mail Set Up Steps:

Download the Mail App from the App Store. Navigate to the App Store. 


Search for Mail


Download the App

Log into your email account. This email address MUST match your AMP email address


Verify that your email account is now on your iPad by visiting Mail and then Accounts in the iPad Settings


Lastly, If you have multiple email accounts on your iPad, make sure your AMP email is set as the "Default Account". Again this will be verified and adjusted in the iPad settings area under Mail. 


Error Messages -




If you receive the above error message or have noticed your emails are not sending. Please review the above steps to correct the issue.

Also we recommend checking your email Outbox. If you find your orders waiting for you there, then your mail app will require you sign out and back in to establish the correct email password. 

If you still cannot get Mail to function, you will need to contact Apple Support.