What is a Page Title and Page Sorting Key?

AMP automatically creates Page Titles by combining the Collection and Category (if available) for a group of products. Using the Page Titles column tag will overwrite this default and allow you to customize the names of your groups. This is where the Page Title column tag comes in handy. This tag will override any previous naming convention.

Similar to Page Title, the Page Sorting Key will override the ordering created by Page ID via alphanumeric order. This column will order your pages starting from low numbers to high. Keep in mind that 0 and Blanks will be seen as the lowest number and result in being placed at the front of your catalog. 

To Get Started:

  1. Have your Page ID column filled out
  2. We also recommend pulling from the data you already have for sku, collection, and category columns

Page Title Steps:

Tag your column with Page Title

Fill out the column with your desired Page Titles

Verify your work on AMP Sell or Shop

Now arrange the order of your pages using the Page Sorting Key column

The first page of your catalog will be the lowest number listed in the Page Sorting Key column and so on

Again use AMP Sell or AMP Shop to verify your numbering as you go