If you don't already have an AMP login, you will need to contact a manufacturer that uses AMP, and request buyer access directly from them. They will send you an invitation with a temporary password. Your login will be the email you contact them with, so be sure it's the one associated with your business!


To shop on AMP once you have your login

1) Open your invitation email to find your username and password

2) Go to amptab.com and click on the Log In button in the upper right.

3) Enter your username and password and click Log In


4) You will see your list of available catalogs, click Shop to begin writing an order 

Requesting Access to New Companies in AMP Shop

1) To request access from additional AMP vendors, first be sure that your business profile section is completely up to date:

2) Next, scroll down to the Shop Wall, and click on a company you have interest in purchasing from:

3) Review the information for this company. Be sure to add any relevant information about your business that will help the manufacturer make their decision about approving you as a buyer. When you've done so, click the green Request Access button:

There are three states a manufacturer can be in: Approved, Pending, and not yet contacted:

When access has been granted, you may click on the green link to see more company info. When you haven't contacted a company yet, you can click on the blue link to request access. And if you have requested access, but not yet been approved, you can click on the orange "pending" link to see the status of your request:

If you have any questions regarding your pending request, please contact the manufacturer directly using the information at the top of that page.

4) Once you're approved, you can shop their catalog! Happy buying!