When doing a walkthrough at Market or guiding a customer through a showroom some items are tagged with QR codes. You can use these codes to find specific items in your catalog more quickly.

Using QR Codes to find a Product

1) Tap the QR Code Tab at the bottom right of the screen

2) Point your camera to the QR code

3) Center the QR code on the screen 


Troubleshooting common QR Code issues

QR code won't scan

1) Scan with more lighting on the QR code
2) If this does not work then contact your manufacturer for a new QR code to be printed

Camera is showing dark screen

1) Remove anything blocking the camera lens. Common issues are iPad cases and fingers.

Camera is not opening

1) Go to the Setting Application on your iPad 

2) Scroll to the bottom to find AMP Sell and tap on AMP Sell

Change permissions by toggling the Camera to green

 Enable Camera

Wrong product appears when QR Code is scanned

1) Check that the Product is not part of a larger group
2) Contact your manufacturer to have them fix the QR code