This will show how to create a living document that can be created once and then accessed daily while automatically being updated in AMP.


Step 1. Select AMP Products

Step 2. Navigate to and hit AMP Press

Step 3. To create a new document, select Create New

Navigate to AMP Press

Step 4. Choose the Slideshow you want to to pull from 

-Legacy slideshows choose Full Catalog

-Modern slideshows choose The Full Catalog

Press Select Catalog

Step 5. Select the style and then the template you’d like to use

Step 6. Select the Inventory columns to display in the document 

Press Select Columns

Step 7. Name the Slideshow and select Save when finished

Press Rename Catalog

Side Note. Once saved, you’ll be able to double check the right information is populating

Step 8. Change publication rights by selecting AMP Press and then Change Publications 

Press Change Publications

Step 9. Update rights to Admins + Reps and then select UPDATE RIGHTS

Press Change Rights

Pro Tip. These documents can be downloaded from the Press area in AMP Shop

Press Shop 

Or download the file daily and email out to reps. Each time you download, the system will be pulling the most up to date information provided from the Product Table.