This article covers how to make updates to your product, rep, and customer tables manually using the Edit Table tool.

The Edit Table feature is the quickest and easiest way to update, remove, and add items to AMP. With this tool, these edits can be made directly in AMP without needing Excel.

To use the Edit Table tool:

  1. Navigate to the Table you're looking to update - in the example here, we'll be using the Product Table (found under Manage Catalog, then Products/SKUs).
  2. Open the ACTIVE TABLE.
  3. Click Edit Table button in the grey table editing bar.Select Edit Table

The top Menu Bar has many useful tools:

Edit Table 2 Menu Bar

Starting from the far right, the Search Field allows you to search the entire table for information. To its left is the List of Rows and Columns to let you know how many exist in your table. Next is the Raw/Computed Toggle - this allows you to either see and edit your raw data, or visualize what it will look like when any formulas are executed:

Edit Table 2 Computed Data

To the left of that toggle, you'll see the Name of the File, and who last modified it/when it was last modified. The Undo/Redo arrows allow you to undo and redo recent changes easily, and to their left is the Save Button to save your work and make it live in Shop/Sell.

Finally, the Hamburger Menu (the three bars on the far left) gives you access to a whole host of other features:

Edit Table 2 Main Menu

The Main Menu allows you to also Undo and Redo your work, download your data as a CSV file either raw or computed, view errors and the history of changes, autosize columns to match the data in the cells, toggle hidden rows on or off, and finally reset the workspace to the default settings.

Edit Table 2 Column Picker

The Column Picker Menu allows you to show only specific columns while you're working to make it easier to find pricing, SKUs, or other pertinent information. This does not affect the live environment - only what you see while you're working.

You can do many things in the table itself:

Update Items - click on a cell and start typing to update it. Changes are saved every 60 seconds automatically or click the green Save button to save on demand.

Remove Items - right click on a row and select Remove Row to remove an item. Select multiple rows to remove in bulk. You can select a row by clicking the checkbox next to the row number, as well.

Edit Table 2 Delete Row

To Sort on a column, click the column header to sort by ascending values, again to sort by descending values, and a third time to revert to your native sort. You'll see a little arrow appear by the Column Header to indicate the sort direction.

Edit Table 2 Sort on a Column

By clicking on the Column Hamburger Menus, you can bring up another host of options for pinning, filtering, and modifying each column.

Edit Table 2 Pin Column

Note that when you filter a column, you can then filter on additional columns to drill down to just the SKUs you wish to view. For example here, I have filtered only the SKUs containing SO, and then only Item Names containing Dining:

For more information, please see our article How to Move, Remove, and Edit Columns Using the New Edit Table Function, or contact with any questions! We hope you enjoy using this enhanced data management feature.