This article will help you understand what the error code means and how to proceed in correcting them.

Error Code - First-time sign-in. 

Remote password check (1): error_no_such_user  

Translation: This means that the email address does not match the one on file with AMP.  

How to troubleshoot -

Step 1. Check that the email address is the one that received the AMP invitation email and update it to the correct address if needed. 

Step 2. Check for typos in the address entered.


Error Code - Local password check: incorrect password. 

Remote password check (1): error_wrong_password. 

Translation: This means that the email address is recognized, but the password is not. 

How to troubleshoot - 

Step 1. Retry last known password to see if there were any typos in the first entry.

Step 2. If entering last known password without typos, select “FORGOT PASSWORD?” and then Reset Password in the pop-up window.


Once the new password email is received and prior to entering the new password in the data field on the app, toggle off “SAVE PASSWORD”.

This way an old saved password does not replace the new one entered. 

Pro Tip: If you share a login and password with another sales rep, check with them to see if the password has been changed recently and request the updated password from them, if applicable.